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Our office is now closed.

Dr. Lucas will be transitioning to a concierge practice in 2020.  She plans to see patients in San Francisco and in Marin.  See below for detailed information about her practice.


Dr. Rassen will have a limited practice in the town of Sonoma. His office phone number is 707-938-8674. For more details, please click on the link below labeled "Dr. Rassen Relocation Information".


Dr. Lucas has also met with various doctors who will be accepting our patients which is on the list below.  If you choose to go outside of our list of recommendations then that is also perfectly fine.  Please confirm your insurance coverage for 2020 with your new provider.  All of the providers on our list accept Medicare and PPO and some of the providers accept Brown and Toland.  

Datalink will be handling all the transfer of medical records to you or your new provider.  They charge $25 for a complete copy of your medical records that can be emailed via a secure, HIPAA compliant link or put on a CD.  Please write, "Mail CD" on the form if that is the format you prefer.  However, email is recommended since you can download the file onto your computer and then email, fax or put on a CD/thumb drive for any provider(s).  The email link will come from or from  The link expires after 7 days.  If the link has expired before you can download the file then call Datalink at 888-997-7299, ext. 1, to reissue another link at no additional charge.  Complete Section 3 on page 1 of the form to indicate the recipient of your records--you or the new provider-- but the charge is still $25.   Please download and print the form below.  The turn around time to send out your medical records after Datalink receives your form is about 7-10 days but could be a few days longer if there is a high volume of requests.  

  • If paying by credit card:

  • If paying by check:

    • Enter check information on Section 5 of page 2

    • Make check payable to Datalink ITS

    • Mail the form and check to:    

                                         Datalink ITS​

                                          Attn:  RDMG​

                                          6285 E. Spring St, #103

                                          Long Beach, CA 90808

Contact Datalink if you have questions by calling 888-997-7299, ext. 1.   Copies of the form will also be available at our office.

We have been so lucky to practice in our warm space with such terrific staff and co-workers and to serve the most wonderful patients for all these years.  We will miss this lovely chapter in our lives but we are so grateful for the opportunity.

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Departure Letter

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Providers Accepting New Patients

Dr. Rassen



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Medical Release Forms

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Dr. Lucas Concierge Practice Information