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  • Call us at 415-751-1446

  • For those who are registered you can securely make an appointment and send a message by logging into the Patient Portal by clicking on the button below.  Please check with the receptionist if you want to register.



  • Or fill in the following form and one of our staff will call you back in 24 hours (excluding weekends) to confirm an appointment.  Please note, this is for APPOINTMENTS ONLY since this is not a secure website.  Private medical concerns should be made through the Patient Portal or by phone. We will not reply to any messages that are not appointment related.

We are located at 25th Avenue and Balboa Street in the heart of the Richmond District of San Francisco
Medicare Patient Vaccinations

Due to Medicare Part D, the following vaccinations MUST be obtained at your local pharmacy.  We will provide you a prescription for these vaccines. 


Below is a list of vaccines that we offer and at what charge.  Please check with your insurance to see if they cover the vaccines if you don't wish to pay.  We will try to bill your insurance but in most cases we have no way of knowing if it is covered or not. We charge a $35 administration fee for each vaccine.  We do not offer varicella or MMR 

  • Gardisil                 $200/injection (series of 3)

  • Influenza              $40

  • High Dose Flu      $45

  • Hepatitis A           $90/injection  (series of 2)

  • Hepatitis B           $90/injection  (series of 3)

  • Prevnar 13           $200

  • Pneumovax 23    $100

  • Shingrix               $170/injection (series of 2)

  • Tdap                     $70

  • Zostavax              $210

  • PPD test*             $40  (return in 2 days for reading)

Feel free to drop in for your vaccination. The drop in times are Tue & Thurs, 9:30-11AM and 1:30 to 4PM.  Call in advance to make sure we have your vaccine in stock and to confirm the drop in times.

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*No PPD placement on Thurs.  Office is closed Sat & Sun when reading would need to be done.

  • Tdap

  • Zostavax

  • Shingrix

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